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About Us

Vacker Sign has specialized in the development of signs for parks, trails, and other outdoor areas since 1999. With decades of combined experience as naturalists, designers, illustrators, and park professionals, our team understands the value of effective signage, along with the associated unique budget and durability challenges. With an understanding of those challenges, Vacker offers durable, vandal-resistant, low-maintenance sign panel and mount solutions with excellent customer experience.

Emily Meyer

Naturalist, Designer & Illustrator

Emily had worked as a naturalist for several years at local parks and nature preschools before joining the Vacker team. Her focus has always been on combining art and nature education in an engaging and fun way. Outside of work, she enjoys drawing and painting, biking, and reveling in good stories.

Dina Cyrus

Naturalist & Designer

Dina is an environmental educator and naturalist. In addition to taking kids rafting down the Mississippi River, teaching how to start a fire with flint and steel, and getting people up close and personal with some of Minnesota’s iconic animal ambassadors, Dina developed a talent for educating through graphic design. When not educating, or designing, she and her family can be found frolicking around their regenerative farm. 

Bill Kriegler

Packing, Shipping & Installation

Bill has served as the packing, shipping and installation coordinator since Vacker’s founding. He too enjoys hiking and biking.

Carol Kriegler

CPRP | Founder, Designer & Project Manager

After serving more than 20 years as a Park and Recreation Director, Carol founded Vacker Sign in 1999. This venture provided the opportunity to remain connected to the parks and recreation industry while utilizing her graphic design skills and passion for the outdoors and interpretation. Carol’s sense of design was fostered by her dad, a life-long graphic artist/art director, from early childhood and beyond. In her free time, Carol spends time hiking and biking the trails in the great outdoors of Minnesota.